Final homework 12th July

As this is your last homework of the year, we would like you to think about your time in year 1 and choose three of your favourite moments. We would like to know what your favourite moments are and why you chose them. Please upload onto this blog. This homework is for the teachers too, so look out for my memories too.

Dates for your diary

1st July (Monday)

Sports day

2nd July  (Tuesday)

Reserve sports day

13th July 2013 (Saturday)

Summer fair at 12 – 4 pm

18th July (Thursday)

Parents evening – 3:30 to 7pm

22nd July (Monday)

Beach trip – 8 am to 5pm

Homework 10th May

This week we walked around our local environment and talked about the different places of work and the jobs people do within it.  We drew a map of our route and labelled the things that we saw. For your homework we would like you to create a map of your journey to school, labelling the different places of work and jobs that you pass.  Your map may include photos or drawings, be as creative as you can.




Elephants:  city, ice, great, magic, danger, other, know, something, everyone, after

Tigers:  were, your, time, goes, money, other, know, something everyone, after

Lions: one, when, said, have, do, so, they, all

 Rhinos:  you, went, then, and, like, to


 This half term in Literacy we have been learning about traditional


This half term in Literacy we have been learning about traditional fairy tales.  Your homework this week is to make a poster of your favourite traditional tale.  The tales may include The 3 Billy Goats Gruff, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, 3 Little Pigs, Cinderella, The Princess and the Pea or another one of your choice You can include pictures, drawings and writing on your poster.












Elephants &Tigers: called, looked, laughed, helped, fixed, wanted, needed, followed, asked, because.


Lions: come, some, very, just, like, put, make, was, you.


Rhinos: was, the, there, are, now, they.



Maths week

Shape. On Monday we investigated making different 2d and 3d shapes with play dough.

Sports Day 2012

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Olympic Ceremony 2012

Olympic Ceremony 2012

We were representing China and showed the school how to count in Mandarin!

Adventure Quest

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Olympic Torch event 2012

Sports Day 2012

Maths this week

This week in our maths work we have been learning about directions. We have looked at turning left and right, quarter turns and half turns as well as turning clockwise and anti-clockwise. Here are some photos of Amber Class testing out our instructions.


Quarter turn right


Half turn anti-clockwise


Quarter turn clockwise